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Our "Zero Hunger" goal is to end hunger and ensure the availability of food for all people across the globe, especially the poor and those in vulnerable situations.
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Our aim is to contribute to the efforts to defeat "poverty." This will improve the livelihoods of poor and extremely poor rural people and eradicate world hunger.
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We believe that empowered women mean a stronger and better world. Let us support all the women in need as she nurtures and ultimately rules the world.
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We would love to provide every child with an equal opportunity to explore, learn, discover, and create. making them capable of using their full potential.
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Social Development

Fulfilling Hunger

We are very delighted to be making efforts to provide food to more people. We are working to offer better food for children and people suffering from malnutrition to have a large scale nutrition transformation in India.

There is no doubt that a large number of people are still facing the issue of lacking food. Feeding India is motivated by devastating food insecurity.


Empowering Women

The NGO's mission is to empower and uplift deprived communities of women by enabling them to realise their full potential and earn a living. Also to promote and uphold gender justice and equality, along with raising respect for women.

It demonstrates visionary leadership, a sense of ownership, and serving society in more advanced ways that not only elevate society but also women's status. We make women capable of independence.

Making A Difference Through

Better Education

We all know that education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. Women with a higher level of education can break free from the cycle of many misconceptions.

We are here to provide higher-quality education to thousands of children in order to ensure better learning through early childhood care.

Our Impact

Our foundation is working around the world.
1,73,731Lives Influenced
669Quality Education provided
73,731Feed Hungry ones
259Women Empowered

Foundation Founders

The founders of the Bandma Ford Foundation aim to create a world where everyone gets the chance to have a healthy and productive life. This foundation was established to assist the poor and improve educational quality in order to eliminate inequalities and combat other global issues. We can recognise that the world is facing undeniable and growing poverty issues. So, we work around the globe to defeat poverty and save lives. Seeking a world of hope and providing social equality and justice so that people can live with dignity.

Our Partners